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B+T Group is a structural engineering & construction firm based out of Tulsa, OK. They have the capabilities to conduct standard structural analysis (and do some of this), but they focus primarily on the wireless industry, providing engineering and construction services for cellular carriers and cellular tower owners. B+T stands for Bhat and Tuttle, the last names of the two founding partners, Dinesh Bhat and Chad Tuttle.

Their work is predominantly in the southern/southeast regions, but they are expanding into other geographic areas of the US, and are willing to provide the offices and infrastructure to do so.

B+T Group’s services primarily fall into the following areas (these are generalized descriptions), but the customers do not necessarily use B+T for every step (although they could):

Tower Analysis–

structural analysis conducted on cell towers before any additional equipment/construction is performed to make sure it can handle the added load/changes

Mod (Modification Design) –

This would cover a scenario in which a tower analysis (either by B+T or someone else) showed that there were changes necessary to withstand whatever additions needed to be added to the tower. The Mod group would then design a plan for modifications that would need to be done to the tower itself in order to accommodate the carrier or tower owner’s desired changes

A&E (Architecture & Engineering) –

creates construction drawings for updated or new sites (you can’t get a permit without these drawings)

Site Acquisition–

locating/handling lease agreements, etc. for sites for new tower builds, etc that are within the correct radius where the network is needed. They also handle a collocation situation, where one carrier is looking for a tower to attach their equipment (so site acquisition would go look for an existing tower rather than a new site to build a tower, which may be preferable due to cost)

DAS/Small Cell– (Distributed Antenna System) –

These are networks where a cell tower or antenna might be installed on a rooftop, building, or any other area where a network might be needed to provide targeted coverage or additional call/data capacity due to concentrated users (like at the BOK Center during a concert, for example) – this is the newest
area in the cellular industry and tremendous growth is expected here andan area that B+T is just starting to get into


Would actually implement changes to the towers recommended in Analysis/Mod or would made changes to cellular equipment on the towers requested by the carriers/tower owners

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