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Michigan 3rd Party Inspection Case Study

Project Overview

B+T Group has been providing Third Party Inspections for some time and offered to step up the offering by incorporating Site360 into the final deliverable. Site360 brings the physical to the virtual with a 360-degree view of the tower and compound. Once the Site360 scan is complete, clients can access a SiteView for each of their sites through a secure portal in any web browser. 


As is the case with many carriers and tower owners, data is siloed into departments resulting in many unnecessary repeat visits. Data is not gathered in a consistent manner by all vendors or shared openly.


For Michigan, we started with a retroactive scan of 227 that had already had a recent Third Party Inspection. For those 227 sites, the final deliverable included:

Tower SiteView

Compound SiteView

Inside Enclosure SiteView

The initial 227 scans were completed in eight weeks. Since that time, more than 25 employees have accessed the secure portal. These employees are in RF Engineering, Operations, Regulatory and Construction. The information on the SiteView provides detailed information for each of these departments and eliminates unnecessary visits to sites.

Moving forward, B+T Group will perform a Site360 scan in conjunction with Third Party Inspections for all sites. This will provide one central resource for all site data that each department will have access to. Site360 admin will determine what level of access each user will have: Editor, Read-Only, etc to make sure the integrity of the data in maintained. They will also have the option to add vendors to the portal to view the most recent data rather than sending them back to the site to perform their own scan.

In addition, Michigan has the option to store support documents such as site plans and construction drawings within the secure Site360 portal. All information for a specific site is stored in one central location.

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