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Tower Owners

Site360 Site Audit Project– United Kingdom

Project Overview:

Crown Castle needed site plans for its UK towers and was familiar with B+T Group’s new Site360 project. Because of the unknown conditions of many of the UK sites, CCI was hoping that B+T Group would be able to use this new technology to provide a site plan– even with limited or no access to the sites. CCI wanted the information gathered and provided for these 134 sites very quickly, so B+T Group sent two 2 -man crews.


  • No entrance to site compounds
  • Challenging terrain
  • Tight timeframe


  • Two 2-man teams completed 134 sites in 7 days
  • Utilized Site360 solution to gather all information
  • Provided 95% of all site plans within 10 days and remainder within 15 days
  • Using Site360, CCI could order the following deliverables for 113* sites without a follow-up site visit:
  1. Point Cloud
  2. 360 Photo Stitch
  3. Site Photos
  4. Construction Drawings
  5. Tower Elevation on many sites (some were not available due to site conditions)

*Due to site conditions and limited access, point clouds were not possible for 21 sites.

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